Seed Vegetable

Are you a seed saver? Get into your own seed production. The head creator gave us the seed so we could do our own seed collecting and become our own seed cleaners. The seed of life is ours for sharing with our brothers and sisters. Mango seed, Avocado seed, Papaya seed, mustard seed, carrot seed, bitter greens. We have a rasta garden and this spring we have had rain and the rain has made the seed shoot up. Radish, tobacco, blue sage, sunflower, chilli, amaranth, marigold, lettuce, tomato, eggplant, pumpkin, beans, parsley, basil, fennel and mustard. All without any effort at all except a couple of vital things, compost and good seed sowing and saving practices.

Most experienced gardeners know that a good compost means a good soil and hence good vegetables. Vegetable scraps, grass clippings, animal manure, comfrey, seaweed, fish emulsion, ash. (No eggshells or citrus peels). There are so many books and articles on compost making it’s not funny. If you have good compost you have good vegetables. A plant is only as good as what it is growing in. Makes sense. It’s a cycle. Plants are nutrients so their waste breaks down into nutrients and the whole lot is recycled again.

Good seed, good seed sowing mix, the seeds will germinate. You can’t imagine the bounty from a few seeds. For seed sowing you get two thirds course river sand one third compost. Drainage and water holding capacity. The only trouble with compost is all the seeds in the compost, so laying the compost out in the sun will kill the weed seeds but give you a nice mix that will hold water. Try it, lay the compost out on the pavement on plastic in the hot sun for a couple of days, then mix it in with the sand. You only need enough to fill a couple of polystyrene boxes from the fruit shop. Then sow your seeds to a depth of one third the diameter of the seed. Small seed sit on top and larger seed goes further down into the mix.

Spring is here in the southern hemisphere. The time is now. Get a few containers and have a go. You might think it’s a lot of effort when you could go down to the vege shop and buy them, but the food we grow heals us. It is much more potent than any shop bought vegetable. Most of the vegetables in the fruit shops are inferior, except certified organic and that’s expensive. They are bred with the multinational in mind. Profit at the expense of nutrition.

Use the rest of your compost on the garden. Do you know that one shovel full of compost will feed a whole fruit tree, so you dont need much to activate a garden. The more the better of course and once you get to know all the seeds that start popping up out of the compost you can cull, and let the ones you want to grow remain.

Dont be discouraged if the seed doesn’t come up first time. There are a multitude of reasons why seed won’t germinate. It has it’s own internal clock. When the temperature is right and provided it is mature when harvested and stored properly, it will grow. The Seed Savers Handbook is a great resource for anyone looking to learn.

Start with the humble bean. Link up with open pollinated Seed Savers and Seed Saving Networks all over the world, they are working hard to keep the genetic diversity of vegetables alive so we can grow our own food, save our own seed and keep the cycle going in a perfect harmony the way nature intended.
Jah Bless One Love


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