Kanyini Stand Up Speak Out

Kanyini is a Pitjantjatjara word meaning interconnectedness to care for, to support and to protect. In this film bob Randall, an Aboriginal an from Uluru, provides an overview of the effects of white settlement on Indigenous Australians.

The film covers the the major areas in which Aboriginal people have suffered dispossession and puts into context the ways in which this dislocation from tradition, land, spirituality and family continues to affect their lives today.

For further information on this resource contact Greg Maguire, Senior Education Officer, Anti-Racism Education at greg.maguire@det.nsw.edu.au


One thought on “Kanyini Stand Up Speak Out

  1. Kanyini certainly was an insightful film. In the museum at Canberra there is a documentary showing black and white footage of Mr Randall singing ‘brown skin baby’, filmed many years ago. This song and the efforts of many others were the catalyst to what would become the highly divisive debate in the 90s about the stolen generations. And to think how far that debate has come, and what might potentially be around the corner.

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