Seed Saving illegal in France Kokopelli fined for protecting diversity

Protecting biodiversity is illegal, at least in France, following the last court decision made by the state against a small non-governmental association called Kokopelli. Kokopelli is a small association selling seeds to gardeners like us. We are using their seeds because they sell old varieties of plants and vegetables that are becoming more and more difficult to find.  Seventy five percent of vegetable diversity has been lost in the last seventy five years. All the seeds sold by them are open pollinated which means you can save your own seeds from their seeds (the basic idea behind preservation and conservation of the biodiversity). Growing from seed ensures a large gene pool so the plants can withstand many different climatic extremes.  When one variety of Tomato fails one year for instance another will thrive.
Of course, large sellers of seeds prefer to sell F1 hybrid to keep the gardener dependent.

In that context, Baumaux (a large seller of seeds) attacked Kokopelli for unfair competition and at the end (as the court case was in multiple rounds) the large seller won. They won due to the stupid regulation that forces to sell only seeds being listed in an “official” directory.

It’s a bad news for the preservation of biodiversity… what can we do ? Save Share and Grow out your own local seeds  and only buy open pollinated seeds and vegetable seedlings.  This is a grave decision and it is up to the people to be vigilante and pro-active in our approach to this.  Seeds are free and cannot be owned by anyone.


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