About Us

When we eat food we grow it heals us. So having a productive edible garden can save the bank balance and visits to the doctor.

I take it for granted the ease with which I throw seed around and instinctively prepare the soil. I have learnt to feel the cycles and work within them. Letting tough genetic local strains of vegetables, that have the magic clock inside them, do all the work for me.

I want to share this knowledge and network with other people so we can all reap this harvest that is the nature’s gift to us. I hope others will add what they know and we can all work together to feed to our famillies and friends and be happy and healthy in the process.”Loretta email: info@rastagearshop.com

This video is the trailer for a film some renowned friends of mine are creating right now on this very topic. It will give you a tantalising taste of the magic and wonder that awaits you when you start to become a part of this quite revolution in the resurrection of local food production that is occurring across the world.


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